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[ Marine in sexual misconduct case faces unusual charge of lying to a reporter ] McDermott suggested that there was a sizable gap in the recording at a critical moment in the interview, and that prosecutors should not be allowed to play the recording at Thompsons court-martial unless Cox testifies to its authenticity. During their interview, Cox showed Thompson copies of text messages he uncovered that suggested Thompson was involved in a sexual relationship with a female midshipman. interview body languageFor nearly two minutes, the Marine said nothing, Cox wrote in the story that prompted the new investigation. He described him reading and rereading the text messages as he formulated a response. The reporter repeatedly asked Thompson in the January interview why he lied to authorities about the last time he saw the woman. Thompson described the immense pressure he faced after another midshipman accused him of raping her. I simply had to, Thompson said in the interview. When they were coming after me for 41 years the sentence he could have faced if he had been convicted of rape I cant begin to say, you know, how terrifying that is. Kaza, the prosecutor, said there is no evidence that the recording was altered. The long pause in the recording was intentional on Thompsons part, Kaza said, because he had just been confronted with absolute hard evidence of his own lies.

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