Practical Concepts For Elements Of Job Hunting

My Blind Brother is the rare romantic comedy that is both hilarious and heartfelt, elevated by truly memorable performances from the leading love triangle. Starring Nick Kroll (Comedy Centrals The Kroll Show), Adam Scott (NBCs Parks & Recreation) and Jenny Slate (Obvious Child, Saturday Night Live). Premiere. * Peter and the Farm 68-year old Peter Dunning runs an idyllic family farm in rural Vermont, a seeming haven of barns, animals, and wide acreage. His white beard invokes the days of Puritan settlers, and his charismatic sense of storytelling has a beatnik charm. But beneath the surface lies a deeply troubled soul a former artist whose alcoholism and depression have long since driven his children, wife, and friends away from the farm. I care more about the farm than I care about me, he says, going about his daily work in boozy isolation. Peter and the Farm is an enthralling portrait of one mans struggle to find meaning in the great outdoors. Colorado Premiere. * The Salesman Internationally acclaimed Iranian director Asghar Farhadi brings us another understated masterpiece about intricate relationships and inevitable revenge.

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job hunting

These are not high school kids on summer jobs: 91 percent of them are working adults and nearly half of them are over age 40, according to New Jersey Policy Perspective . Raise the minimum wage. Yes, again | Editorial More than 60 percent of those who would benefit are full-timers. Half of them have attended or graduated from college, more than half are women, and 3-in-10 are parents. As the saying goes, these people aren’t looking for handout, they’re looking for a hand up. People who put in a full day should be able to afford food, a place to live, transportation and clothing without having to rely on public safety nets and charity. A study from Alliance for a Just Society last October found that New Jersey’s current minimum wage of $8.38 is 42 percent of the $19.76 needed to qualify as a “livable wage” for a single adult. That means a minimum wage worker needs to clock 94 hours a week to live in reasonable comfort. Major retailers and restaurant chains like Walmart, Gap, McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Ikea have raised their minimums, because they know something that Christie and some business leaders don’t understand: While cost certainty is important, success is also dependent on a healthy, self-sustaining workforce. They also know this in New York State, where the minimum wage will rise to $15 by 2018.

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